Yamaha Fazer 25 Pros & Cons

Yamaha Fazer 25

Yamaha Fazer 25 was launched in India in 2017. The bike resembles the Yamaha FZ25 in all its major sense besides some minimal design alterations. It has same mechanics as FZ25 with an all-new front end design and the bike gets full fairing. Yamaha Fazer 25 is powered by a 249cc 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder, air+oil cooled, fuel injected engine that produces 20.69 Bhp at 8,000 rpm and 20 Nm at 6,000 rpm of torque.

It comes in two shades – Soulful Cyan and Rhythmic Red. Fitted with the fairing that provides some wind deflection, the Fazer 25 has been aimed at riders who are interested in touring.  Here are Yamaha Fazer 25 Pros Cons:

Yamaha Fazer 25 Pros

1. Most Affordable 250cc Fully Faired Bike in India: Yamaha Fazer 25 is the most affordable full faired 250cc motorcycle you can buy in India. It comes with a smaller price tag than most of the fully faired motorcycles with this kind of engine and performance. Yamaha Fazer 25 competes with the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and the Hero Karizma ZMR both in performance and price range.

2. Excellent mileage @ 40 Kmpl: Yamaha Fazer 25 takes the spot with its excellent mileage of 40 kmpl (certified) which is indeed much better than its competitors. Thus, it leads to overall low running cost and provides the user with the amazing power accessible at this range. The class leading torque is bound to make it stand above all the segments in this range.

3. Solid Build Quality: Yamaha has built motorcycles with very well market appreciation. Fazer 25 is keeping the Yamaha image up to the mark with its amazing build quality. It is no different in build than Yamaha FZ25 besides adding a little of 6 kgs with its full fairing. It is rather going to be proved excellent on the roads in terms of better quality and even better handling.

4. Lightweight: Yamaha has built the bike in such a way that it weighs just 154 kg with full fuel tank and all fluids in the engine. A motorcycle that carries 14 liters of petrol, 1.55 liters of engine oil and few other liquid components weighs quite low when compared to others around the performance segment. This makes it easy for riders to control the Fazer 25 in heavy traffic and even handling it around the bends at certain speeds.

5. Availability: The Yamaha bikes have been available in every small and 2 tier or 3 tier cities. They have expanded their dealerships store to make the bike available to even the remote areas. Unlike its competitors, Yamaha Fazer 25 will be available at every dealership store and getting its serviced or getting a part replaced is much more easy.

6. High Torque: The 249cc, fuel injected engine produces 20 NM of torque at just 6,000 rpm. The high torque promises excellent riding comfort and easy drive on all types of terrains. The engine is relaxed and pushing the rider for high revving is not in its nature. The mature riding style may not be suitable for those who love revving the bike hard but could impress audience which needs a bike with ample power and powerful presence.

7. Full LED Headlamp: Just like its sibling FZ25, the Fazer 25 carries a LED headlamp which is very well suitable in low light conditions and provides a better security on the road at night. It also features 2 new LED positioning lamps below the headlamp and a new dual-horn. The LED lamps are rather good at saving power thus making the bike much cost friendly. The design of the headlight gives the bike a rather menacing look too.

8. All-Digital Instrument Console: Yamaha Fazer 25 supports an all digital instrument console. Its features like dual trip-meter, instantaneous and average mileage as well as a digital clock are rather impressive. The regular values like tachometer, speedometer and odometer are exactly placed in a perfect spot making it easier for the rider to see the values while riding.

9. Attractive shades: Yamaha Fazer 25 is available in two shades:- Soulful Cyan and Rhythmic Red. The shades are very stunning making the bike look rather attention grabbing. All the colors are available in the same range of Rs.1.29 Lakh.

10. Lower Power But Quick: Yamaha Fazer 25 may only generate 20.69 Bhp at 8000 rpm but the bike is quickest among all the fully faired motorcycles in this range. All the competitive bikes in this segment produces more power than it, but it leads the race with its acceleration.

Yamaha Fazer 25 Cons

1. No ABS: Yamaha Fazer 25 lacks the ABS option while its closest rival Bajaj Pulsar RS200 offers optional 1-channel ABS for INR 12,000. Yamaha is expected to introduce ABS in 250cc FZ series sometime in the near future though. They can even tag it as a dealer level component as TVS is planning to do the same with the Apache RTR 200.

2. Bad Design: Yamaha Fazer 25 may be winning all the spots with its powerful performance and mileage but it sure lacks that amazing macho sports bike design. The full fairing with those joint LED lamps looks like it’s overdone with its design. The overall look of the bike is pretty weird and gives it a look of a moto-scooter from the front end. Its closest competitor Pulsar NS200 looks much better in terms of design and style.

3. Lack of 6th Gear: Yamaha Fazer 25 lacks the 6th gear just like its sibling FZ25. the bike comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox rather than a 6-speed gearbox, may be on the intentions of cutting the cost. This does not allow the bike to reach its full caliber.

4. Absence of Liquid Cooling: Yamaha Fazer 25 runs on an air+oil cooled engine rather than a liquid cooled engine. This might be from the motive of cutting the costs. The overall bike may be somewhat expensive according to the Indian market if one uses a liquid cooling engine. Though the air cooling allows the bike to perform better but liquid cooled engine is always a better choice considering every aspect.

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