Mankame EP-1 Electric Superbike Promises 500 km Range

The Mankame Ep-1 is the First Electric Super-bike that promises a range of in-excess of 500 kilometers per-charge, possible due to its high density battery pack and compatible Motor-controller combination.

Liquid cooled 18.4 kWh Battery-Pack

A combination of High Density Samsung cells make up the entire Battery-Pack, with dedicated Matrix BMS system to monitor and control individual cells providing high levels of safety and efficiency.

More than 500 km* on a single Charge

*A total Range of 480 Kilometers on a full charge, at 70 Km/h on the highway and a range of 500 Km ~ 550 Km in the City with Active Regenerative braking

An extremely quiet Belt Drive system

The rear wheel is driven by an Aramid Kevlar reinforced Belt drive system connected to a 40KW high performance PMSM Motor with 180nm at the shaft and 432nm at the wheel, resulting in Quiet operation and increased torque-jerk tolerance and eliminating any lubrication needs

251 km/h to 0 km/h

The braking system consists of dual 320mm front and 245 mm rear disks with brembo calipers, reinforced with dual-channel intelligent ABS and traction control with Machine Learning developed in-house.

Mankame EP-1 Electric Superbike Promises 500 km Range

Engine | Motor

High Performance 40KW permanant-magnet synchronous Motor

Speed : 8000 RPM

Rated torque : 100 N.m

Peak torque : 180 N.m
Protection class : IP67

Cooling : Liquid cooled(Water)

Poles : 8

Electric Drive

Samsung 18650 cells

Stored Energy : 18.4 kWh

Peak power output : 414 kW

Matrix BMS System
Modular Battery system

Power output restricted to 230 kW

Aluminum honeycomb reinforced Carbon Fibre enclosure

Battery weight : 65 kg

Charging time : TBD

Mankame EP-1 Electric Superbike Promises 500 km Range

Electrical System

Solid state digital semiconductors – no fuses or relays.

CAN bus operated and fully programmable functionality.


Processor : ARM Cortex a53

intelligent battery monitoring

Real-time wheel position and speed measurement

intelligent braking response with traction control

Active Redundancy

Three Processor System to eliminate electrical or throttle malfunction (Fault tolerance)

Dual independent control systems for all electrical systems


Front : Ohlins USD Fork

Stroke : 120 mm

Length : 800 mm

Fully adjustable

Rear : Ohlins TTX GP *(optional) + $850

Showa pressurized(standard)

Stroke : 30 mm



320mm Dual ventelated Disks
Brembo Dual piston Calipers
Safety : Dual channel ABS With wheel contact sensors for traction control
245 mm Ventilated Disk
Brembo single piston caliper
Safety : Dual channel ABS With wheel contact sensors for traction control


Wheelbase : 1440 mm

Ground clearance : 190 mm | 7.3″

Curb weight : 160 kg

Maximum(safe) laden weight : 280 kg

Aerodynamics Coefficient of drag : 0.44

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